Kuhel Design
Architectural design and drafting

About Jerry Kuhel

Jerry has over 30 years experience in building, manufacturing and design. Starting his career as a machinist, Jerry soon switched to construction and cabinetmaking. He studied art for several years and has used this experience to aid his clients in refining their projects.

Before starting Kuhel Design in the spring of 2002, Jerry had spent the last 15 years working as an estimator, salesman, and designer for two of the Bay Area’s largest millworks. After several of his contractor clients asked him to provide drawings for their upcoming projects, Jerry decided to strike out on his own. Kuhel Design was an immediate success and continues to expand.

Jerry’s broad experience allows him to combine what is beautiful with what is possible and most cost effective, meeting each client’s particular needs. If you are considering a building project and need design work that fits both your budget and your taste, call Kuhel Design first:

425 Mariposa St.
Brisbane, CA 94005

kuheldesign at sbcglobal dot net


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